Do you perfer to frontload test or use dbol?

  1. Do you perfer to frontload test or use dbol?

    well i've heard a lot of people say if you're using dbol for the first few weeks theres no real reason to frontload w/ test and might even be completely useless

    I'd like to know which you guys perfer (to frontload, or use dbol or both) and why?

    Also, is your take on frontloading test being useless if on dbol?

  2. Absolutely big bump on JB's question. I got icn's test enth and dbol coming in, in a matter of days and would like some recommendations and suggestions. Sage

  3. IMHo i dont think you should frontload if you're going to use dbol. They are both used to kick start a cycle.



  4. Too much test at the beginning would cause too may side effects right from the get go wouldn't it?

  5. Nope... it does.. or at least it hasn't with me.. I was doing 100 mg of test prop ED for 3 weeks add 600 mg of test cyp for the rest of the cycle.. so far no sides

  6. i frontloaded w/ 1250mg, never had any problems.

    i just hear people say if u use dbol also it's a waste to even bother frontloading.

  7. Most people frontload in an attempt to get effective blood concentrations faster.

    People use d-bol (or any short acting steroid) with a long acting steroid to start seeing gains as soon as possible. Since the short acting esters show results much quicker

    Typically with long acting esters ( like enanthate) it takes around 4 weeks before I would start to see results.

    I have front loaded test and i personally prefer to use a short acting ester at the beggining because I feel the effects within a week or 2.

    My .02



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