Please critique my baseline bloodwork

  1. Please critique my baseline bloodwork

    I had my baseline bloodwork done mid-June. This was prior to my first ever PH cycle which was 4 weeks of 1-AD standalone. At the time, I wasn’t able to convince my doc to check my test levels (even though I’m almost 37!)…go figure.

    Anyway, I was wondering if anyone can comment on these numbers as I have just finished my post cycle therapy and will be having follow-up bloodwork done in a couple of weeks. I hope to do a PP or superdrol cycle in November if everything checks out okay with my follow-up.

    Also, looking at some of the results other members have posted, I believe we use different units of measurement for some of the tests up here in Canada. For that reason, I have included the units for the first set of figures (which I think are the most important ones).

    The things I will be most concerned with (not surprisingly) are liver values and cholesterol. Incidentally, the three figures that came up “out of range” according to the analysis were URIC ACID (the ref. range was indicated to be 140 – 340; my result was 346), TRIGLYCERIDE (the ref. range was indicated to be 0.70 – 2.30; my result was 0.51), and EOSINOPHILS (the ref. range was indicated to be 0.00 – 0.40; my result was 0.53)..

    eGFR - 116 ml/min
    GLUCOSE (FAST) - 4.0 mmol/L
    CREATININE - 73 umol/L
    URIC ACID - 346 umol/L
    CHOLESTEROL - 4.19 mmol/L
    TRIGLYCERIDE - 0.51 mmol/L
    LDL CALCULATED - 2.72 mmol/L
    HDL CHOL - 1.24 mmol/L
    AST - 32 U/L
    ALK. PHOS. - 52 U/L
    BILI. TOTAL - 16.7 umol/L
    CHOL/HDL RATIO - 3.38

    WBC - 6.6
    RBC - 4.75
    HGB - 144
    HCT - 0.416
    MCV - 87.6
    MCH - 30.3
    MCHC - 346
    RDW - 12.6

    NEUTROPHILS - 0.57(Rel.) 3.8(Abs.)
    EOSINOPHILS - 0.08(Rel.) 0.53 (Abs.)
    BASOPHILS - 0.00(Rel.)
    LYMPHOCYTES - 0.25 (Rel.) 1.7(Abs.)
    MONOCYTES - 0.10(Rel.) 0.7(Abs.)

  2. Unless I'm mistaken I'm not seeing any Cortisol / Test / Free Test measured?

    I'd say your cholesterol is high too, I think it should really be under 4.

  3. anyone else?...appreciate it fellas.

  4. If you would post the reference ranges from the lab it would help as different labs have different ranges of "normal"

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