T-1 Post cycle Q and critique my diet

  1. T-1 Post cycle Q and critique my diet

    im planning to try T-1 for a 4 weeker, if anyone can give me a great reason to use t1pro im all ears, but i dont care about leanness right now. ive been reading up on anti e and the liquid solutions stuff, im just not sure which solution suits my needs best, and im even more confused as to when to start post cycle recovery. Im trying to stick to just something like clomid/nolva or something of that variety, i wasn't impressed with 6oxo, although i dont think that i am prone to sides other than the 1-test depression.

    can i get some imput on post cycle, what solution, what weeks, and how much (using liquinolva or something close to that as the example)

    im expecting great results, so ill keep everyone updated. my girlfriend is at home for 6 weeks (we are in college) so i have 6 weeks to eat all the right stuff all day long....and all the farting that goes along with it. my diet was kinda low for a while b/c i wasn't eating as serious, but ive still gained 4-5 pounds in 3 months. (big deal for me)

    now that i think about it, critique my diet, keeping in mind that i am severely limited in what i can cook because i have no kitchen for 6 weeks. after i get my kitchen back ill eat more normal.

    1 oatmeal/ protein bar/ milk
    2 postwork shake (nlarge) w milk
    3 big turkey/cheese sandwich /whole grain bread /milk
    4 tuna/ bannana/ milk
    5 6 whole eggs / bread/ milk
    6 6tbspn peanut butter/ salad/ more milk

    if i can pull this off i should be in the 3500-4500 cal range.
    all milk will be whole. i gained a lot of weight when i drank milk seriously last summer.
    my metabolism is fast.

    thanks in advance
    PMs always welcome.

  2. You should just get liquid nolva. If you start to get signs of gyno, you can use it during cycle to stop it. You can then use it post cycle for recovery also. I think the dosing is in one of the stickies discussing this topic.

  3. If you really wanna gain get really serrious about your diet first. Don't guess at 3500-4000 calories, KNOW. Use excell and FDA type databases to construct a good diet w/a good amount of protein, carbs, and EFAs (good sources of EFA's are cold water fish (salmon, tuna) walnuts, avacado, flax oil, hemp oil, canola oil, and sorta olive oil).


  4. my diet isn't set in stone, it hasn't even started yet, my actual total came to like 3895 or something like that, but will vary depending on how much milk/day i decide on and whether or not i can stomach 6 whole eggs.
    i know all about counting calories, and i have a notebook i write everything i eat in it, so if i dont gain, i know where to look.

  5. just thought id give an update on my T-1 2squirts 2x/day

    cals are very high (4500ish), meals are decent given my situation.
    moderate strength increases, not as much aggressiveness as i had on 1ad, libido not quite as high as on 1ad (still a considerable boost). lethargy much less than on 1ad. no peeing problems either.

    definitely getting some bloat around the waist, going to just deal with it and wait for post cycle to deal with it. very weird experience for me to be fat. 1 week into cycle i was at around 9% bf, probably a lil higher now.
    no sides effects that i have noticed, possibly slightly puffy nipples, but it might just all be in my head.

    weight is up like 6 lbs, so im pretty happy considering the short time period.

    was thinking about doing nolva 20g for like 2 weeks or so. may or may not do t-1 final in aug or sept. but im glad there is something inbetween t-1 and pro because the dosages make sense to me given the bloat from 4ad, and i could have handled more test.

    post final numbers when i get them. so far so good.
    off to eat again!

  6. cycle finished, 2 days short of 4 weeks.
    results: best PH/PS that i have used. strength gains, holy crap. didn't get the same intensity as my last cycle, but way better results.
    up to 155 before first meal in the AM, that means almost 10 pounds, which is an assload on my 5'8'' frame.
    diet was better than ever, upped carbs considerably for summer
    acne kicked me in the ass real bad on week 3.

    starting liquinolva tonight.

  7. oh and i basically entirely redid my diet. it isn't anything like what i was planning before i was "on". (thank god)


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