1. Winstrol/T-1pro

    My next cycle I was thinking about stacking winstrol and T-1pro. Does anyone have experience with a stack like this and if so how'd it turn out. I'm looking for a nice cutting cycle and I think these two would compliment each other nicely. And input is appreciated.
    By the way I would go about it by taking the winstrol about 50mg ed for six weeks and on week 3 I would start a four week of T-1pro. Late

  2. When do you plan are starting this cycle? I would be interrested in your results because I was thinking along the same lines for my next cycle in June

  3. I think it would be a good cutting cycle. I would make sure the liver protectors are there...have clomid/nolva post cycle and also run the t1pro for all 6 weeks as well.

  4. I would be starting this cycle at the end of this month. And Scottyo you think I should run T-1pro all six weeks. Are you suggesting 3ml twice a day then for the six weeks? I'm also thinking of throwing an eca stack in there. Or does anyone think that would be too taxing on my liver. The reason I ask is because I'm not sure on the overall effect of eca on the passes through the liver.

  5. i personally would run the t-1 pro 6 weeks moring only dosage..for some reason i notice better results with the once daily dosage myself

    as for the eca i would opt for a green tea extract..its a fat burner ,anti-e(albeit mild but it does exist) and a stong anti-ox this way u dont have to worry so much about liver and other health probs very very cheap and effective i take 9 caps a day has the NOW brand pretty cheap

  6. Wojo are you saying you take all 6ml in one application. Where do you put it all. Also I could get 50mg tabs of win at $2 a pop hows that price look? Nice

  7. no seriously i use 2-3 mls a day and love it but maybe its just me..2 bucks is not bad..u can get them cheaper but i dont do aas and do not pm for it ..DO NOT PM FOR ANYTHING RELATED TO STEROIDS


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