Wow, I thought I would share this with the board. I'll start out with the cycle im on: PP 10mg days 1-3, 20mg days 4-10, 25mg days 11-20, 30mg 21-23, back to 25mg with 2mg MTRN until day 31.

Now, Today I decided was the last day for the Phera so I took 10mg PP and 2mg TRN with a 5egg ham &cheese omelette with a scoop of rice, multiV, 5 flax oils caps, glass of OJ. That was my first meal. roughly 2 hours later I took a mix of CEE & CEE thunder that totaled 3grams. Waited 30 minutes and went to the gym. It was chest tri day, and started out a little weaker than normal. I did 5 sets flat bench 3 sets incline 4 sets flyes. I tried to do declines but my normal weight i used was unusually heavy. felt like my triceps were shot. I moved on to Tri's and I was pushing the whole cable rack like nothing. I felt so pumped I was doing something like a superset with bi's. I just kept going and going like the energizer bunny. I was killing it! I have never had such huge arm pumps in my life and the strength was enormous from the norm. Besides chest. I dont know if i should attribute this workout to the CEE, TRN, Or just right timing of nutrients and supps. I feel like TRN is hittin me know about day 10. I am the same weight but I look and feel so much harder and cut! Im doing 4mg TRN solo for about 6 more days then post cycle therapy.

I was just so jacked to see my arms that huge and strong I had to share what I did before hand. Im also starting to believe that CEE takes longer than recommended for full effect, 1 hour I think. I also had some heartburn that was uncomfortable the whole workout. Kinda like OJ wasnt digested fully. SOrry if this is a useless thread but oh well I had a ****ing bad ass workout and a memorable Pistonpump!!!