adding winny at the end of cycle?

  1. adding winny at the end of cycle?

    weeks 1-13
    test 500/wk
    weeks 1-12
    deca 400mg/wk
    weeks 1-4
    dbol 40mg ed
    weeks 5-14
    HCG 500iu's (250iu's on mon/thur)

    weeks 15-18
    nolva 40/40/20/20
    clomid 150/100/50/50

    i am on the above cycle, thinking of adding some winny at the end to try and hold on to some of the gains, drop fat etc is this a good idea and when would it be best to incorporate it, weeks 9-13?

    thanks guys

  2. I thought about the same thing when planning mine. I came to the conclusion that something like superdrol, PP, even a Dbol end, Tbol, stuff that isnt used for cutting would be better. No sense bulking then cutting in the same cycle. I would want to take an anabolic as a finisher. If you want to cut do it later in another cycle or just adjust diet and training. Like add more cardio. My cycle is about the same as yours but 600mg eq instead of deca, and PCT a little different. I will have winny too but im going to save it for a cut cycle.

  3. how would you add dbol at the end then?

  4. maybe start with the last week of shots and run for 2 more weeks after that. You will feel like you lost alot once PCT starts but its all in your mind i think.

    How is the dbol going for you know at 40mg what are you noticing?

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