1-tu Or T1pro

  1. 1-tu Or T1pro

    I'm ready to order a ph, this will be my first time. Iknow from all the reviews that t1 pro is great, just wondering about people's experiences with 1tu, are they comparable?

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    Can't compare, but i can say the t-1 pro is great and very well priced. I would say the delivery system for 1tu is the best by what I have read as compared the the other 1-test products. I would say get the t-1 pro, i love it. If u think lethargy or libido problems scare u, then get t-1. The results are very similar (check out the link on Chemo's signature). Remember, water weight is lost very quickly if that bothers u. I had to buy more 4ad with my t-1 pro because of the above problems. It helped.

  3. Hey maniak, i think you're right, im gonna get t1pro, just wanted to make sure. Btw, is it ok to take flax oil while on the t1pro? Thanks for your help.

  4. Why wouldn't it be ok?

  5. I would also go with the 1t-pro. And its def ok to take efas while on cycle and make sure you get plenty right after your cycle ends as well...

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    The flax oil is great because it will add good calories, which u WILL need on your cycle and it has anti-tumor effects (which is y u sould take it to fight any chance of getting GYNO). Make sure ur diet is in check. I have not been hungry at all during my cycle and I know I could have gained better if I took in more calories. I have gained about 8-10 lbs. on the scale, but my bf% has went from a horrible 20% to 16% (today I checked!) The amazing thing is that 3 days ago I was 17% and I am trying to gain! This stuff is making it really easy for me to cut. I am not even doing cardio! I will start cardio and cutting next week and the T-1 PRO has given me a great headstart. I was only expecting to go down to 18% realisticly. Now I hope to be 15% by the end of next week.

  7. On a gram for gram basis 1-TU is one of only a few products that would compare to T-1 PRO. Although, you would need 3+ bottles of 1-TU to match the gram equivalent.


  8. That would be big bucks....

  9. My second week of T1 pro starts today so far I'm up 5 pounds. I was thinking of adding 1,4diol would that be a waste of money starting it in mid cycle. My shoulders and chest are looking wonderful but I can't see my abs as well anymore. I'm 6 0" 222lbs now body fat unknown. I just let the mirror be my guide.

  10. Chemo:

    That is high praise for the 1-TU. I'm actually looking to take an orla form of 1 Test with the t-1 pro since I can not do the 2nd application since i like to get on the floor and play with my 1 year old son and get in bed with my wife. I currently use 6 ml in the am and 225 mg of oral 1 test with great results but i may use 1tu with the t-1pro next time.


  11. Yeah that is high praise indeed. I've never tried it but would be interested to for the sake of knowing.


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