Trn/zol question

  1. Trn/zol question

    I have a buddy who wants too do this stack for weightloss. He is about 25o pounds and bodyweight is like 25-35% Shouldnt he try and drop as much fat first before using this stack or is ok too use this stack while having high bodyfat?

  2. 25% bf ?!? your friend need to get his diet and exercise in check for one year before trying ANY kind of supplements. The reason is because he needs to "learn" what his body can do on its own with proper diet and exercise first.


  3. thats what i told him. im in the same boat, im overweight, but im going too try and lose as much bodyfat as i can this winter and prove too myself that i can stick too a plan before i try any sort of phs
  4. Smile

    Good. If you need any kind of help feel free to ask any questions on the board. I will give you a bit of advice. Try "HIIT" for your cardio.


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