Question about the new products available at BDC

  1. Question about the new products available at BDC

    Ok how much more absorbtion for our experimentaion would there be with the new injectable 4AD-cyp and the 1Nordiol-cyp than a transderal of these?

    Also would they make a good stack if used together?

  2. The cyp products caught my eye too.

    I'd like to hear more results of the guys that are on or have tried the 4-AD cyp at a dosage higher than 500mg/week so far...if there are any on here.

  3. I have seen on other boards that the 4ad cyp as an injectable actually got VERY little results but the regular 4AD inject did good.

    BUT it could be that the person stopped the cycle too soon and the cyp takes longer to be felt??

    Any possibility to this? WOuld it take longer for the Cyp to kick in? IF so you could do a transdermal for a couple weeks til the Cyp kicks in.
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