Gyno Question

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  1. Damn mercedes, thanks for that insight.

    zero, I ran mercedes gyno reversal protocol & wow! Letro is truly an amazing compound.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by mercedesdd
    Agree!!! LOL!!!!! To funny man....
    Thank you for posting the protocol in my thread! It'll be easy for me to find now, in the future.. It seems that my gyno is gone from taking Nolvadex.. Is that possible? Or has it just subsided for the time being?

  3. most likely just subsided. the gland will still be there and has a likely chance of reaccuring. I had hard lumps in my nipps in like 8th grade or so and i had a flare up in one of them not to long ago. Nolva made it "go away" but im sure it will come back if precautious arent taken.

  4. Yeah, I had those lumps in 8th grade as well - I thought we all get them.. They were very small, however..

  5. I'm actually following the below regimen right now.. Since my Mother-in-law is here for a week, in the event that even while I'm on Cypionate, I have a supressed sex drive, nobody will know about it.

    Day 1: .50mg Letro
    Day 2: 1.0mg Letro
    Day 3: 1.5mg Letro
    Day 4: 2.0mg Letro
    Day 5: 2.5mg Letro **

    ** You will remain at this dose until gyno symptoms subside. Once you believe your gyno is gone it is important to stay at this dose for another 4-7 days to ensure all traces are gone. I recommend people with a bf% over 15 stay on for a week as it may be harder to judge completely whether the lump is completely gone. Once this period is over it will be important to taper letro down slowly rather than coming off it completely. Regardless of which manner you tapered up your dose you will all taper down in the same fashion.

  6. lets see how that goes for yah....good luck.

    Gyno is a b1tch!!!!!!!!!


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