Need advice on my "stack"

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    Question Need advice on my "stack"

    I screwed up and posted in the research section so I posted here. I new so I'm thinking of starting with a 8 week cycle of t-1 pro also using ALA, after my 8 week cycle I'm going to take nolvadex for 4 weeks. I wil wait 16 weeks o go back on the t-1 pro. So what do you guys think??? Let me know. Thanks guys

    oh by the way the nolvadex with be oral with the t-1 will be transdermal.

  2. Well, well. I see we've made up our mind.

    If I were you I'd start with a 4 week cycle my first time out. Follow that with a 4 week post and then another 4 week cycle. Most agree that gains diminish after 4 weeks and the shutdown after 8 weeks can be pretty heavy. Nolva is a good choice for post.

  3. I'm doing my first cycle in june and it's going to be 4 weeks followed by Clomid
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    Hey draven,

    lol that's funny. Ya I made up my mind. I think the t-1pro is a good get go. Ya I'll do a 4 week cycle I guess to try it, then get off it for 8 weeks while taking nolvadex. Then I will go back on it for a 8 week cycle. What about that drav? Thanks bros for ur advice

  5. Are you thinking of doing 4 on 4 off then 8 on? Or repeat the 4 on 4 off 4 on 4 off?

  6. BTW sent you a email answering your ???'s Chemo doesn't ship to canada, that's where i come in

  7. Ok, wasn't sure here...are you bulking or cutting? looks like cutting, if so good stuff and make sure it's r-ala, worth the coin believe me. And otherwise follow Draven's advice, good luck.
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    Ya I'm thinking of cutting, but what would be used for bulking??

    Also do you guys think that 4 on 4 off 4 on 4 off is good or should I have a longer off period? Thanks

  9. its pretty standard to apply a 4 on, 4 off, 4 on, 8 off method. but i shouldnt preach, b/c i get anxious to start up another cycle after the 5/6th week off. Sage

  10. ^bump Sage's response. Make sure you take atleast 8 off at the end. Personally I would go more to give your body a break, but that's me.
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    ok guys I got it all down. Thanks for the advice, it helped me ALOT with my schedule!

  12. Check your email Alex.

  13. Damn too late.. hehehe. Sorry. I aggre with 4-4-4-8.. What doses will you be doing.. Talk to ya
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    good question, well I thoguht 300mg, whst do you think???

  15. Is this your first time? If so 200 will be just fine. even if its your second time 200 will be fine. 300 is allot. But who am I to talk.. heheh Talk to ya..
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  16. AlexParty
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    Ya it's my first, I read that 250 is average so I'll start at 250.

  17. Originally posted by curt2go
    Is this your first time? If so 200 will be just fine. even if its your second time 200 will be fine. 300 is allot. But who am I to talk.. heheh Talk to ya..
    Hehe, coming from a guy who likes to do 1g or so, right Curt?

  18. Shhhhhhh. Its hard to say no no thats way too much Talk to ya.. Got grow somehow... Talk to ya...
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  19. Man, my stuff is just sitting in my room, wanting me to use it. Damn I wanna start my cycle tomorrow. But I must wait!
  20. AlexParty
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    Is 250mg too much?

  21. Per week? That's not much.

  22. I think I'll be getting 200mg daily on my cycle

  23. 200mg a day applied but not absorbed. You'll get about 80mg absorbed ED bryan.

  24. ahh So about 560mg a week. not bad

  25. One thing we tend not to do (so not to confuse people) is talk in asorbed amounts. People get confused about which you are talking about so try just to talk in applied amount.. Talk to ya
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