My stash and what to use??????

  1. My stash and what to use??????

    I have:
    Many bottles of Methyl 1 Test
    Several bottles of Oxabol (4-hydroxyNandrolone Undeconate)
    Several ephedrine bottles

    I have used both in the past with great success but also bad sides, did not do proper post cycle therapy.

    I havel also used Superdrol, great stuff, but also had some sides even with PCT.

    I am ready to do a new cycle, what is the new best anabolic (safe, great gains, low DHT)? Since Superdrol is no more, what is now the number one choice? Should I include any of the things I currently own in my stack? Lean mass is what I seek.

    Also, are there better fat burners than the ECA stack? I have used some of the newer non ephedrine fat burners and to be honest dont know if they really did much of anything. What is the most potent stuff out there now, that really burns fat.

    I see that there are new PCT supplements on the market, whats the general consensus as to what to take nowadays? I have, and like tamoxifen citrate, and have used Rebound XT with some success as well.

    While here might as well ask which NO product gives the best bang for the buck? I have used Universal NOx3.

    Thank you in advance for any info and advice.

  2. Well you should search the forum bro.
    That being said you can still get superdrol clones. Just google it. I think a phera plex/superdrol split is the best legal choice for bulking. For a lean bulk look into Halodrol or Promagnon, you should still be able to get some of that too. But the M1T, I'd throw it away. Way too many sides. As far as the ECA stack, i feel that nothing but clen and T3 beats it. And you can really f*ck yourself up with them if you don't know what you're doing. I ended up f*ucking myself up a little bit. 2 months later i'm felling better, but i'm not 100% just yet. As far as NO, look into an esther l-arginine, like White Blood. A little more expensive but it's worth the money.
    before you decide on anything you should do a lot of researching. There's a lot of information here. Plan your cycle carefully, and your PCT even more carefull. And even more, realize that the most anabolic substance is food. First of all get you're diet straight.
    good luck brother

  3. Red face

    i don't understand why he couldn't use lower doses, even relatively light doses of m1t in a stack, such as with the recommended methasteron*/phera-plex stack. from the article by michael fischer on liver toxicity and steroids (the 17aa/methylated variety) it would seem it is the total methylation that is the toxicity load. i don't know anything for sure, and maybe even the experts aren't omnipotent, but if someone tries it and doesn't feel overwhelmed... i've heard the idea that when two methylated compounds are combined there is a risk of the two causing toxicity from multiple angles, the trepidation over the combined effect being worse than a higher dose of just a single compound. from fischer's article i'm inferring that would not be the case.


  4. I'd recommend using that M1T to clean your toilet bowl. Not only will it shine like mad, but you'll live through it, AND your toilet will get strong enough to handle some massive dumps.

    Look for the newer stuff. Ephedrine= save it for a cut :-)

  5. Thanks for the replies what else is out there that is not banned and actually works?

    Is the the problem with the M1T the toxicity to the liver or the other sides?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Warrior
    Thanks for the replies what else is out there that is not banned and actually works?

    Is the the problem with the M1T the toxicity to the liver or the other sides?
    I have no personal experience with any of the PH's, but have heard plenty of negatives regarding the M1T, the liver toxicity mainly. All the popular/really effective supplements that work similarly to PH's (Mega Zol, Mega TRN, Pher, superdrol, Ergo, etc.) are harder to find due to the banning, but are still available with proper searching.

    Other supps you could look into include Jungle Warfare, PowerFULL, and Activate.... among many others...

  7. M1t is pretty harsh. I can handle it with 10mg for 2wk cycles. not methyl stacking. I've had bloodwork after my m1t cycles and have been fine but you want to make sure your ok before messing with that stuff. low dose with no other methyls and short runs would work. its basically a jump starter. run a trans or nonmethyl or inject with it.

  8. Ephedra's still around. So is superdrol. A simple search will do. But.. I literally get a high off of Ergopharm's AMP. Literally, a mad high off of it. Stack that with some Heat and it's insane.

    I love stims.


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