Hey guys, I have decided to run a cycle with some of the PHs i have stocked up, and just wanted to see what everyone thought and get any potential input. My current stats are 6'3, ~255 lbs. I have never had bf% measured, but I would guess 15-18%? At my disposal for this cycle I have 1ad powder for about 6 weeks at 500 mg, 4ad transdermal for 8 weeks at 450 mg, DS m1,4ad 90 caps 30 mg, and BN 1,4 90 200 mg caps. This is what I have planned, if you have any recommendations feel free to contribute:

weeks 1-8: 4ad transdermal 450 mg ED
weeks 1-4: m1,4 90 mg ED
Weeks 3-8: 1ad ~500 mg ED
weeks 5-8: 1,4ad 600 mg ED
weeks 1-8: SNS ATD 25 mg ED to control bloat/"as HCG" as discussed in the thread with Dr. D

In addition, I will be using AI Cycle Support throughout, along with multivitamin, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Scivation Sesamin, ON whey, and supplementing my diet with the tubs of muscle milk i got at safeway for $7:bb2: As far as prescriptions that may effect the cycle, I take two 10mg Ritalin each day as well. My PCT will consist of Raloxifen for 4 weeks tapered, followed by either Restore or Rebound Reloaded, or whatever other PCT goodies are out by then, Fenugreek, etc. My goal for the cycle is a fairly lean bulk for the first 3 or 4 weeks, followed by carb cycling for the rest of the cycle while recomping. To assist in this, I will take the Sesamin at 2 a day during the bulking phase, and 3 or 4 during the recomp. Gotta love those new 180 ct. bottles! As far as diet, during the bulk im going for around 4k calories during training days and 3500 on off, with a 40/40/20 split, maybe a little higher on carbs if i feel i can get away with it. During the recomp phase I will be using carb cycling in an attempt to gain muscle while losing fat, or at least retain most, if not all of it. When all is said and done, my goal is to get around 265-270 while being noticably leaner.

I realize there will be some immediate scrutiny for me to address. I realize the m1,4 and 1,4 are dosed at a quantity and for a duration that some may not agree with. I have taken this into consideration, and still wish to proceed as planned. As far as the m1,4, the reason is twofold, although they are somewhat related. First, I tend to bloat very heavily from many of these PH cycles. My last cycle was about 9 months ago and was 6 weeks of GL pheramax and X mass at 30 mg and 80 respectively, which i gained 35 lbs from, approximately 10-12 of which seemed to be water that went away within the first week of PCT. My second reason is that my blood pressure is usually stable, but also tends to jump a good bit when using these compunds. I believe that with a moderate dose with the m1,4, I will have less bloating and sides, while making more keepable gains. As far as the 1,4ad, I have this bottle on hand and don't have access to anymore besides the new product that is on the market, which is insanely overpriced. Basically, im just hoping there will be some lean gains from a synergistic effect with the 1ad/lean mass retention. Thanks in advance to all who have any input/critique to offer, or to anyone who just takes the time to read this longwinded post.