5 Week T-1 equivalent cycle, results. (complete opposite)

  1. Angry 5 Week T-1 equivalent cycle, results. (complete opposite)

    Been lifting since highschool, about to graduate college, started at 6'0 135 lb when 14, now almost 22, same height, at 190 lbs. BUT, given how hard I work, I should be much bigger, but I've had terrible genetics all my life, and very very severe ectomorphic built. Small light bones, unreactive muscles to stimulus. I was about to start AAS a few weeks ago...but due to extenuating circumstances (and recent seizure letter to confirm), I hopped on a PH cycle instead. You will not believe what happened.

    At 8 squirts a day, that's 16 ml, at 62.5mg/ml, that's 1000g a day of 1:2 1-test 4-ad. In fact, it was more like 1:3 cuz it was a homebrew and I added less 1-test. This is my first real PH cycle in over 3 years.

    Guess what happened??????

    My training was perfect. My diet was perfect. Over 5000 cals a day (this is typical for me...as eating is one of my missions in life because of my inability to gain/keep weight.)

    While I was on, I felt worse than ever. Always tired...there was one thread I made about no appetite. Still, I worked hard...finally, after about 5 weeks, I came off. The next day, with no 1-test, I felt like a God...more energy, more strength. Everything I'm saying goes against what we're used to hearing. Furthermore, I gained a total of 0 lbs. Not even bloat weight. I felt bloated, but it was negligibly small.

    My lesson from all this? Theory 1, I react badly to 1-test. Theory 2, I am closer to my genetic potential than I ever thought, after years of dedication. My body has simply peaked out...some ppl say bodybuilders don't take 1g+ of test a week because of receptor insensitivity after many cycles...it's just harder to gain after you're a certain size. Can this be comparable? I expected more from my first cycle, but instead did not get much other than moderate strength gains. I will do a real B&B cycle this summer...again, I will train and eat religiously...if I do not gain the standard 30 lbs...I will kill myself for my cursed genetics. Sorry this is so long...but I am very frustrated. I got up to my current weight with hard work and no help from androgens...but now it seems like the shortcuts that would've gotten me here quicker is not helping me break my natural barrier. Those of you who reported 15 lb gains...are you relatively young, and still a ways off from your potential? I don't know if I should be proud or hopelessly dissapointed at this time. I've been off for a few days now...I feel better than I ever did the past 5 weeks...can't wait for June 15th, that's the state I set for AAS. I'll pay street prices if I have to while I wait for reshipment...

  2. "My diet was perfect. Over 5000 cals a day (this is typical for me...as eating is one of my missions in life because of my inability to gain/keep weight.)"

    Do you maintain weight at this level of consumption? How much protein did you consume?

  3. Actually, the tiredness if from the 1-test. I had the same problem with that but I leaned out pretty good with it.
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    You say your eating 5000 Calories/day, well is it balanced out? are you getting enough protein? What about rest factor, if you hangging out every nite untill 3 in the morning you will not gain because you dont give you body time to rest. Also are you lifting heavier weights everytime you go to the gym or at least try? If not and your sticking to the same weight then you wont gain much or even anything.
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    i have the same problem on my cycle now with regards to hunger. I used to eat everything in sight, now i have to force feed myself. So far today is day 20 of my cycle of t-1 pro. I gained 8 lbs. the first week. So far I am 9 lbs heavier from day one, but leaner as well! I lost about 2.5% of my bodyfat.



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