Long 1-test/4ad cycle opinions

  1. Long 1-test/4ad cycle opinions

    Whats up, this is my first post here at AM but been lurking around for awhile. I've run several 1-test/4ad/M1T cycles over the years and have totally loved them and have gotten bloodwork after two with very good results (health wise)
    Last 2 cycles:
    wk 1-3 M1t 10mg/day
    wk 1-6 1-test 250mg/day (trans)
    wk 1-6 4ad 400mg/day (trans)

    wk 1-4 M1t 20mg/day
    wk 1-8 1-test 250mg/day (trans)
    wk 1-8 4ad 400mg/day (trans)

    I'm 6'1" 205lbs and 9% BF currently and I wanna start bulking.
    Now my question is that I have only so much 1-test leftover so what would you run?
    option 1
    wk 1-4 M1t 20mg/day
    wk 1-8 1-test 300mg/day (trans)
    wk 1-8 4ad 575mg/day (trans)

    option 2
    wk 1-4 M1t 20mg/day
    wk 1-10 1-test 243mg/day (trans)
    wk 1-10 4ad 457mg/day (trans)

    Option 3 - any other thoughts (I have 6grams of mohn and tons of m5aa) I also hate superdrol - 0 sex drive

    Please go easy on the bashing about the M1t, I absoutly love it and its my favorite part of the cycle and i've had bloodwork done after. Oh and i've got my post cycle therapy and liver supps down and have everything. Thanks and let the flaming begin

  2. 1-t tires me out too much to run for an extended length of time so i'd go with shorter length and higher dose but that's my experience with it you've run it before so you will know your body better. I agree I love m-1t also never a problem and i get blood work done

  3. Throw in about 48mg of MOHN instead of the M1T to help with strength and lean mass. It may not be as potent, but it is certainly not as dangerous.

  4. I can never run 1-test for more than 8 weeks, get too wore out, but it's really up to you.

  5. I'd do a 6 weeker and adjust the dosages accordingly. I like cycles short and heavy, but that's just my opinion.

  6. I like 12-16 weekers. The great thing about transdermals is you can begin PCT the next day after you come off. I wouldn't want to know how lethargic 1-Test & M1T can make one feel. I'd personally stay away from M1T


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