low doses of t3 clen during pct

  1. low doses of t3 clen during pct

    hey guys what do you think I am starting my "clean up" not a hardcore cut still keeping calories pretty high during pct will start lowering calories after pct. but what about low doses of t3 and clen say in the 60mcg daily range? I know clen is anti-catabolic so i'm not worried about it but do you think the t3 at that dose would be ok during PCT.

  2. Bad idea IMO...clen is anti-catabolic in mice...not nearly as much in Humans (IIRC the dose would be more than a lethal dose). Clen is cool, but I'm no fan of post cycle t3. I mean, you're trying to keep strength and gains, and t3 always makes me feel flat.
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  3. Similar to what Rampage said. Clen would be ok, but ditch the T3 as it will burn whatever source it can get to, and that includes muscle.

  4. ok guys thanks for the replys it will be clen solo no t3.

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