Liquid Clen worth it post ph/ps cycle?

  1. Liquid Clen worth it post ph/ps cycle?

    In a couple of weeks time I'm going to be embarking on a prohormone+prosteroid cutting cycle, with the first two weeks being a natural cut with just thermo's of different sorts, a 3 week period of cutting on a combo of ph's and the last two weeks bulking (or lean mass cycle depending on bodyfat levels at the time) on a ps. My query is related to the following:

    I am considering using liquid clen during the first two weeks post cycle when I come of the ps. Given the price of liquid clen at 55US or so, is it worth the added cost over the cheaper alternative of ephedrine and caffeine in combination? I am just wondering about how cost effective this will be as a means of avoiding post cycle catabolism. Oh and btw, I will also be utilizing liquid nolva post cycle as well.

  2. Bump this, I have the same question

  3. Hmm, plenty of views so far without much in the way of replies. I'm sure some of you more experienced guys must have some sort of opinion on the matter, any input would be greatly appreciated.

    My cycle will consist of:
    week 1 1/2 dose NYC and/or ECA 6 times/day
    weeks 2-5 3 doses San Tight/day
    weeks 3-5 600 mg 1-AD
    weeks 4-7 600 mg 1/4 andro
    weeks 5-7 six squirts superone+ twice/day

    I'll be utilizing r-ala at 200mg/carb meal (likely 3 times/day), as well as milk thistle and saw palmetto as added ancillaries. I have liquid nolvadex, aromazap and 6-oxo as well. I will likely save the nolva for post cycle recovery and run the aromazap for estrogen control during the 2 weeks of superone+ as I wasn't comfortable with the amount of bloat last time on it.

    If the first five weeks of cutting yield satisfactory results I will be ramping up my calorie intake while on the superone+ to add some lean mass. As I'm spending tons of cash on this cycle I'd really like to keep as high a percentage of my gains as possible.

    Just to reiterate I could use some help in deciding whether or not to incorporate liquid clen post cycle to help stave off post cycle catabolism and keep any gains that I happen to make. I've seen eca recommended many times in this regard, but I've done enough of it in the past that I'd like to avoid using it if possible, I tend to get dependent on it after a few weeks on, and dread the crash coming off.

  4. I've used and liked it. Just don't use a full dose. I did half doses all the way through and it IMO it helped in controlling fat gain post cycle when calories are still kept high.
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  5. How big a dose do you consider as a half dose, was that using clen in tab form? And for how long did you run the clen post cycle? I am leaning towards running the liquid clen for two weeks as everything I've read points this to be the most effective length for a clen cycle. Perhaps to follow up with a week or so of 1/2 dose e/c afterwards just as added insurance.

  6. I'm going to run clen post cycle after my test/eq/d-bol cycle is over aswell, wasn't aware of keeping dosages lower though? Did you do this cause you ran all 4 weeks post cycle BOBO?

  7. Because you want clen to be more anti-catabolic than fat burning when your coming off so half doses are recommended. I ran it for 3 weeks.
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