Biotest Androsol 4-AD ?

  1. Question Biotest Androsol 4-AD ?

    how would you rate this product? lable claims it contains 12 grams of 4-AD. has anyone tried it or know of any results?

  2. Is it a transdermal ? If it is than I'd rather go with T-1 which has 10 grams of 4-AD, and 5 grams of 1-Test. I'm sure the T-1 is probably cheaper and it works great, check it out at the member store. If you want to save even more money, than just homebrew your own 12 grams of 4-AD. Check out Cur2Go's recipe. I hope that helped

  3. Frankie
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    If you add 20% isopropyl myristate you will get as good a product as Ergopharm's AndroSpray with perhaps 20% absorption.

  4. iron warrior, yes it is a transdermal. I was able to find a 8oz bottle for under $30 delivered. Thats the only reason I would pick it over T-1 at this time. thanks

  5. Frankie, thanks for the info. DMSO would work also correct?

  6. Try the member store the t-4 gel (12 grams of 4ad, with dmso) is 28.40****31


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