WTF - Its been forever

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    WTF - Its been forever

    Well - basically I've been out of the loop for almost a year now - no working out or anything and dropped a good 30-35lbs or so. I'm just now about to start heading back to the gym and no doubt will want to dabble with the goodies again. My question is how long does gear stay good? - I've two bottles of prop that I made my self probably two years ago and quite a bit of powdered nolva - double zip locked and in tuberware. I think I've also got a bit of winny powder and bottle of fina - which I'll just toss and remake fresh. Are any of the new OTC supplements worth trying with/or instead of the prop?

    BTW - I don't plan on addig the goodies till later - after I've regained everything + a little extra that I lost. I'm guessing this will be at least towards end of the year but would like to start rebrewing if the OTC isn't worth it. - Still got half dozen whatmans left too!

  2. pp, sdrol, halodrol, mega-trn, are good stuff but not sure how much longer they will be around

  3. Much has changed in your absence. Please refresh yourself on the rules so as not to cause yourself unnecessary difficulties.

    Welcome back

  4. Welcome Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaac k. It's been a long, long time..Welcome baaaaaaaaaaaack

    Anyway, now that I got that out of my system, yes in many people's opinion many of the OTC Steroids are both valuable and potent. We fortuantely have a ****ton of info on all of them, more than you probably want to know in fact. I will say this however, if all of your previous "goodies" are still available to you, and they had worked for you in the past, stick with them.

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