My liquid Clen has floaters??

  1. My liquid Clen has floaters??

    Is this ok? Thanks for the feedback!

  2. send it to me, and i'll inspect and uh send it back to you =)

  3. oh a more serious not, i don't have clen, but my liquid letro and liquidex didn't have anything, except like small bubbles after i shook it up.

    can you please elaborate on the problem a bit more? Like are they there when it's just sitting, or after you shake it, etc

  4. They are white floaters and are there while sitting AND after I shake the bottle up. Makes no difference. My Liqua letro does not have them and my Cialis is a milky color anyway.

  5. My letro does have them. I wouldn't worry about it.
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  6. Heat it up, thats how i get all liquid research products to dissolve completely.


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