Quick Hairloss Prevention Question

  1. Quick Hairloss Prevention Question

    I'd like to use both Azelaic Acid and Spiro (cream) during my cycle to ward off any type of hairloss or shedding...along with Nizoral shampoo of course. Is there any place where you can get straight AA without the Minoxidil added to it?

    Also, is both AA and Spiro overkill?

    PM me if necessary...Thanks.

    *Would Fina cause too much of a counter-productive effect on cycle?

  2. Iíve read thru a few of the hair loss threads now and get the impression AA is proven to work? I too would like a Topical hair gel to use during cycle that is proven (scientifically and anecdotally) to block DHT only at the scalp with no sides such as shedding. does AA fall into this category?

    Am I correct in saying that when using AA on cycle DHT levels will be reduced a lot even to a much lower level of DHT than if you were not taking anything?

    sorry to bring up such an old thread..

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