Does 1-test elevate blood pressure

  1. Does 1-test elevate blood pressure

    I have been monitering my BP since I started a SO+ cycle and it has gone up from 110/60 to 142/73. Do you guys think that 1-test could be the culprit? While I am on cycle I discontinue use of any stimulants with the exception of coffee.

  2. Definately it will. With most PH's and AAS your blood pressure will go up. If you think its a problem then just stop. It goes down very quickly after stopping. But your numbers seen fine though... Hope that helps.. Talk to ya
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  3. i obviously wouldnt be able to say definitively that that is your problem, but, yes, 1-test has been known to elevate blood pressure while "on". This should subside in the post-cycle period.

  4. I have been on a 1-test cycle and my bp went up. Your top number is a little high but not enought to worry to much about. could be a little anxiety from the 1-test . When my went up I started walking a mile a day and my bp drop 10 points. but thats just my 2 cents. later

  5. thanks for your input guys. One more question, Do you think it would be safe to run a clen cycle after with those BP readings?



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