"Stacking" intranasals

  1. "Stacking" intranasals

    There are three that I know of that are available - Ergo's Psycho-diol, 4-ad in HPB-cyclodextrin, Psycho Cyclo 1-T, and IN-Rage, 5aa. I know that overuse will lead to desensitization and lessening of the desired effects, but what if one "cycles" through each of these throughout a week? Do they work through similar pathways, and would use like that cause supression of the HPTA that would require some sort of ancillary to bring back natty test after a "cycle"?

  2. I will gladly be corrected on this but I do not believe that use of intra-nasals will effect the HPTA and will not need recovery meds. They are much more abou psychological effects than anything else.

  3. That's what I thought, too, but I saw this on 1fast400.com:

    Psycho Cyclo 1-T

    6g of burn free 1-test in 24ml of water.

    Each squirt provides 2.5mg of 1-T. Recommendation will be 2-4 squirts 15 minutes before working out. This compound can be high suppressive so it should only be used 1-2 per week. Each bottle has 240 squirts. This is a beta.

  4. Now if by that he meant that the body would become desensitized to the effects, I'd understand, but it seems something of a stretch given the word choice.

  5. Probably a liability statement and nothing more.

  6. Mmm. Alright, thanks. Anything about stacking them, though?

  7. No way. If it gets into your bloodstrean it deos not matter how afetr about 3 weeks you will suppress natural test production. Once the ph is in the bloodstream it binds where the natural test normally would therefore eventually suppressing it.. The only think about intra naselly is that they sau a max 25mg dosage. Although they "claim" 90% absorption I don't know.. I would keep the sprays about 4 hrs part as well. So I woul dthink that you would not be able to effectivly cycle 3 intranasal products.. But I don;t know for sure... Hope that helps.. Talk to ya...
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  8. So Curt your saying that 25mg will supress your HPTA?

  9. Thats at a time. If you suppose that the 90% is true then you would be getting 22.5mg into your bloodstream. Remember you have to take acount for half lives as well. So if you took it 2ice a day or more you woudl be taking in more than your body would make. If you just did it once/day I don't think that 25mg/day would suppress but it would be close I think. If yu did it for long enough it would though.. But I can;t prove anything.Just my opinion. BUT the 4-ad would be the least likely to suppress becasue the conversion to test is only 14% but the 5aa is 43% to DHT and the 1-test is 100%. SO the 1-test at 25mg/day i think would suppress the 5aa woul dbe close and the 4-ad probably would not... Sorry for the scambled thoughts.. Talk to ya...
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  10. But does greater conversion mean a greater effect, i.e., greater stimulation to the CNS?

    And would it be a bad idea to put a bit of yohimbine-hcl into my bottle of IN-Rage?


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