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    PH profiles

    I was wndering where i could find a profile of different pro hormones. .. i keep finding steroid ones or advertisements for PH's, what i am looking at is just information of what exzactly wach on in and of it self does. Thanks.

  2. Here you go brah. Sage

    The PH/PS Chart
    By Lifeguard
    *Note to readers*:
    This chart will not contain the 1st generation prohormones Androstenedione/diol or Nor-Androstenedione/diol…it will only contain the more perfected versions of these hormones (4-AD, 19-Nor-4-AD, etc.), and all this chart is are highlights of each prohormone and cannot (and was not intended to) replace hours of research that could be done on your part to enhance your own knowledge in this area.

    » = About
    Target Hormone and Precursor’s Name Conversion Rate Anabolic Activity Androgenic Activity Estrogenic Activity
    4-AD: Pros: Increase in libido, energy and aggression, cheap, great for bulking and in lower doses good for cutting. Cons: Estrogenic activity (dose dependent) »16% Before conversion, 4-AD is 95% as anabolic as Test Specific to the individual…Increases in the following: Hair growth, oily skin/acne, voice deepening and possible acceleration of Male Pattern Baldness. Mostly mild to moderate. 4-AD itself cannot aromatize into Estrogen, but its target hormone can. Depending on dose, estrogenic activity can range from non-existent to unacceptable levels.
    5-AD: Pros: good for bulking due to water retention Cons: Estrogen sides are noticeable at even a low dose (2-300mg/day) » .19% (yeah that’s right, .19%) Anabolic in its unconverted state. But unsure to what extent. Slightly less than 4-AD Estrogen agonist. (not good)

    19-Nor-4-AD: Pros: Highly anabolic and cannot convert into Estrogen. Good for cutting or bulking Cons: Target hormone may convert into progesterone. »16% Stays attached to the AR longer than Test, as potent as 4-AD milligram per milligram In lower doses, it does not suppress Test production, and will not cause premature stoppage of growth in the long bones. Cannot convert into Estrogen or Progesterone in a plain (unconverted) state. But Nandrolone can convert into progesterone.

    5-AA (3-Beta version): Pros: Great for reducing water retention while using aromatizing compounds (i.e. 4-AD), good for cutting Cons: low conversion rate »9% Great for gaining strength without a lot of overall weight gain. As with DHT once 5-AA is converted it becomes as androgenic as the target hormone. Attaches to the estrogen receptor, making it a good steroidal anti- estrogen for keeping water retention down while using aromatizing androgens.
    5-AA (3-Alpha version): Pros: High conversion to DHT means better strength increases and muscle hardening. Outstanding for cutting Cons: Side effects are more pronounced with a higher conversion to DHT »43% Great for hardening and pre-contest conditions and preservation of lean mass while dieting. DHT is 300% as anabolic as Test Highly androgenic due to the high conversion of this version of 5-AA. Increases aggressiveness due to its [DHT’s] androgenic nature. Zero Estrogen or progesterone conversion/activity

    1,4-Andro (dione and diol): Pros: Stimulates the following; red blood synthesis, fat burning, appetite, and increases vascularity. Cutting or Bulking Cons: Expensive gram per gram when compared to other PH’s »45% Moderately anabolic, good for lean gains. Very Few users report androgenic side effects when using this prohormone, and if they occur they are very mild. Light aromatization to estrogen, but metabolites may posses aromatase inhibition properties.

    1-Testosterone: Pros: is a steroid, users report gains in as little as 2-4 weeks. Cutting or Bulking Cons: Lethargy, low energy and reduced sex drive. n/a 700% as anabolic as Test, very lean/solid gains. Less androgenic than DHT, users report mild acne/oily skin Cannot convert into Estrogen
    1-AD: Pros: High conversion rate means increased anabolic effects, cutting or bulking Cons: lethargy, etc. associated with 1-Test Unknown, estimate »20% Same as 1-Test Same as 1-Test Same as 1-Test

    3,6,17-Androstenetrione: Pros: non-prescription aromatase inhibitor, great while “on” or “off” cycle Cons: Little feedback on its efficacy by users. n/a n/a n/a Suicide Aromatase Inhibitior…meaning that once the compound binds to the aromatase enzyme, it cannot detach itself, rendering that enzyme useless.
    4-Hydroxyandrostenedione: Pros: Is the actual drug Formestane, mild prohormone and aromatase inhibitor. Looks better while “on” cycle while using large amounts of aromatizing compounds. Cons: Little feedback, and cannot really be used off cycle. n/a Is a mild prohormone of 4-hydroxytest and may exert some anabolic effect. n/a Same as above

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    thanks bro, i like this board. .. thank you yellowjacket ofr sendin my uneducated ass over here i think i learned more researching for like 8 hours streight last night then i did in the past year reading those damn ads and **** that i kept finding lol.

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