what would you recomend

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    what would you recomend

    I've done AS before, i'm lookin to try some PH. . . i'm lookin at what you guys have for sale in the store, and i'm also looking at one+. .. what woudl you recomend for maximm lean mass gain. I don't want sometihing that will cause me to gain any fat, water weight is ok as long as it is lost in the end. .. thanks.

    My choices are the stuff you gusy got or one beta, one plus, super one + thanks

  2. T1-Pro....10g 1-test, 5g 4AD. You'll get the best lean gains with that. It has more 1-Test than any of the others and a little 4AD too.
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  3. with the guidelines you've set, I'd certainly say T1-Pro is your best bet (woo, a rhyme... I'm a poet and I didn't kn... heh)

  4. Bump the T1 rpo



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