A lot of newbie questions

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    A lot of newbie questions

    I am gettin ready to do my first PH cycle. .. well, thinking abou ti tatleast. .. I am on a winny cycle right now with t3/clen. .. i was told by like 5 people that i shoudl ad PH and i'll get a lot more size while cutting up? is this possible?

    Either way, i'm not worried aobut now, but when end of summer comes i want to do a bulking cycle, without adding to much if any fat. .. just lean gains, what do you recomend? Where can i get soem good recipes, that work. i've found tons of em, but each seesm to contradict another. Is the t-1pro at your shop good stuff? Should I make my own? Also what sidesshoudl i expect ie bitch tits? Thanks guys.

    oh, and where is the best place to apply a transdermal?

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  3. ill reply to several of the questions you acquired brah. the T1-pro would be most ideal for lean gains, if you're worried about gaining too much excess fat. i would recommend this or a homebrew mix of 1-test/4ad (equal amount or 2:1 ratio of 1-test to 4ad.....which is what the T1-pro's formula is). When considering making your own, you can either purchase the T-gel from here and add your own androgens (i actually recommend less than the 15grams per 240mL....12/13grams is good and get the alcohols from the above sponsor, lemelange.com.... go to the bodybuilding section).
    now, when you do apply, a body surface where absorption is best would be an area where the skin is thinnest and hairless. popular areas include inner biceps, traps, chest, back of knees, top of feet, inner thighs, lower abs, lats. My personal favorites are traps and bis. also, you should include about 24mL per 240mL bottle of dmso in your mix.

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