IS it ok to start clen while on a tren cycle?

  1. IS it ok to start clen while on a tren cycle?

    i tryed a search for this but nada.

  2. I dont see any reason to run clen while on tren. The fat burning properties of tren are superb.

  3. yes the tren is super at that but wouldnt it be better to start the clen while on cycle so there would be no muscle loss?

  4. Clen is supposedly mildly anabolic but I don't believe it. Running an androgen while on clen can cause left ventricle enlargement, so I'd advise against it. Run it solo as it's very 'muscle-sparing.'

  5. Man tren makes me sweat like crazy and so does clen.. I could not imagine using both together I would look like I just went swimming everywhere I went...

  6. IF i realy need fatburning I run t3 with my tren not clen

  7. both are know to aggravate hypertensive issues....

    i'd save it for PCT when you feel like sh1t and the fat stops coming off.

  8. i sweat day and night nonstop on 75 mgs of tren EOD. i cannot imagine running clen while on tren.

    in fact the other day during the east coast's mega heat wave i was thinking to myself i would probably be close to passing out if i were taking a stimulant or thermogenic of any type.

    tren will be all you need.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Chad
    i tryed a search for this but nada.
    My The 1 LOG:


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