Formasin vs Clomid during cycle

  1. Formasin vs Clomid during cycle

    For estrogen control during a cycle to prevent gyno and other things associated with hightent E would formasin (suicide inhibitor of the aromatase enzyme) be better than clomid? I heard clomid has some reactions such as mood change, and it can detrement gains when used on cycle. However I cannot find any legitimate research done on formasin, does it really work as well as the sellers claim?

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  2. i have pretty much the same question, so i figured i should post it here as to not have two very similar threads running at the same time. i am trying to compare Nolva with Formasin however. i should be running a T-1 Pro cycle soon, and i have chosen Clomid for post-cycle estrogen control and natural testosterone elevation, but i want something around in case i see gyno symptoms or excessive bloat. Most of my research points to Nolva as the best while "on" to prevent gyno, but i havent really seen anything on formasin besides what the manufacturers have to say about it, and one thread posted by a member that says formasin worked very well for controllling bloat. I guess to sum up my question, how well does Formasin work for preventing gyno when one notices symptoms? i dont plan on using either the whole time I'm on, just if i experience puffy/sore nipples or excessive bloat. i already have a mild case of gyno left over from my teenage years, so that is my main concern. Thanks in advance for any input.

  3. is there anybody out thereeee?

  4. Nolva will definately work. Some people on here (bv I think) have used formasin and said it was very effective at controlling estrogen problems. You can do a search for it and find the old posts...


  5. This is a great thread with alot of detail.
    He used it (formosin) when he felt to bloated...........
    read it, its full of good info.

    BigV's cycle

  6. Great help!

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