Neck pain/stiffness PCT

  1. Neck pain/stiffness PCT

    Anyone know what the cause of this could be?

    Just finished running a light cycle of SD at 10mg a day. I am currently using RXT for PCT (4x/day), as well as taking venom and supports. The whole day my neck has felt really swollen and tight, with a stiffness surrounding my adam's apple. When I pull my chin in to touch my chest it feels like my lymph nodes are being squashed. Possibility it's some weird DOMS from a heavy deadlift/shrug workout, but I'm just worried. Any ideas? Never had any problems with PCT before, and RXT seems to work better for me than Nolva.

  2. Some have reported bad sides from Venom. RXT may be drying you out too much, particularly after a dry cycle like SD.

    Some sort of infection might be inflaming your lymph nodes.

    Or perhaps you tore or strained neck muscle.

  3. I had something similar. It was something like hives around my neck and made my neck really puffy and itchy. I wasn't taking anything except NO Xplode and Cell Mass at the time. And I haven't had the problem since. Of course I'm off the BSN stuff now though...

    My doc gave me some cream and antihistamines to clear up the neck area. I'd recommend seeing a doc and see if he can diagnose it. I don't really think it's from the supps. but maybe it's the Venom like bioman said.

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