Super Nandrolone....

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  1. Well as far as I knew Pat was the only one working on the burn free one test. SO where did you guys get it from if it was not from Pat? Talk to ya....
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  2. I, along with others, tested burn free a while back. We are talking 4-5 months ago. I'm talking about now. There is nothing being produced for anyone other than Ergo.

  3. But Par said he is going to use burn free 1-test in his new product fro testing . Where is he getting that from? Talk to ya
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  4. For his beta testing (we are talking less than 10 bottles) he will be getting from PA. We are talking about less than 100g. I'm talking about PA making raws in large enough batches (kilo's) so Par or anyone else could use them in products.

  5. Thanx thats all I wanted to hear.... Talk to ya
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  6. how bout super-deca, or super-dbol

  7. nandrolone is deca.....hehehehe. Talk to ya...
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