steroids and cancer due to HPTA inhibition

  1. steroids and cancer due to HPTA inhibition


    just when I thought I was aware of all the androgen and estrogen possible side effects from steroids & prohormones, as well as 17-alfa-alkilation and was ready to assume the possible "dangers", I talked to a bio-chemist that made me afraid: he told me that due to the fact that steroids produce a inhibition of the endogenous testosterone and also testicle shrinkage then that is some sort of temporal disfunction and might lead to testicle cancer or even to hipofisis cancer, and that might even happen in just one cycle of prohormones or steroids.

    Is this true?

  2. Technically? Maybe. Realistically, no. Ask him to show you one documented case where this occurred. He can't.
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  3. IMO they just use scare tacticts to keep people away from PH/AAS. If this was a realistic problem than many BB'ers and pro athletes would be dropping dead by now due to their prolonged use of PH/AAS. There is also the possibility that people who use PH/AAS may get cancer, but NOT from their use of PH/AAS, of course the media and doctors will blame the AAS/PH because it's easy to pick on them without any strong studies

  4. F that


    Good video. Not much evidence out there on steroid-related deaths. Like, none....



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