How are these results on SD possible???

  1. How are these results on SD possible???

    Being a former fat ****, I've always been one to be concerned about my weight... Whenever it goes up, even if I know I'm losing fat, I get worried, so when I stepped on the scale today on the last day of my superdrol cut I freaked out.

    At 23 years old, I'm running my 2nd superdrol cycle. I decided to go on a 1000 cal deficit with carbs less than 120g per day, and 10mg of superdrol.

    In 4 weeks, my waist dropped about an inch, and my weight went from 181 lbs to 188 lbs. How the **** is this possible? The only way that I can imagine this to be true would be for me to have lost 2-3 lbs and put on 10 lbs of muscle (doubtful). How is this possible on such a dry substance?? I imagine it could have something to do with increased glycogen retention, but my carbs are pretty low as it is. Any input would be appreciated, because although I know that the mirror tells the whole story, I can't help but freak out from gaining 7 lbs on a cut with such a low SD dosage and low cals.

  2. Superdrol is as good for gaining dry mass as just about anything out there. As long as your waist is shrinking, and mass is going up, go with it. I've read of people gaining 18lbs in under 4 weeks or less. Im sure there was some fait gain with 18lbs though.

  3. Yeah, aslong as the bf is going down then don't worry about gaining weight. Besides if you continue to cut during PCT you'll lose weight anyway.

  4. It is called glycogen retention. You are holding all your water/weight in your muscle tissue through super glycogen retention. Once your stop using the SD those properites will be gone with it.

  5. I gained 10lbs muscle in about 3 weeks. It does store a good amount of glycogen but that was only like 3 lbs worth. If your eating and training is on target, you can't miss with superdrol.

  6. I've had almost the exact same results. I too am a former fat boy.

    Almost done with a second superdrol cycle bookended with igf.

    Started this cycle at 175 and 15% bf.

    Now I'm at 188 and my last bf test says 11.7%.

  7. Thanks guys, that's reassuring. Yeah, you can imagine how confused I was... I've tried to ignore my weight and just take waist/caliper measurements (both going down) because I knew it would be skewed from cycle. So when I saw that I gained 8 lbs, esp. while dieting for a contest, I started to freak out. It's nice to know that weight won't matter. I've heard of people dropping bf% on SD on a cut, but I thought that was only because their amount of fat remained the same and their lean mass increased... but I noticed literally an inch off of my waist, esp. because I was restricting cals so much.

  8. So I had a refeed (more like a cheat day) the first day i was done w/ superdrol. and 4 days into PCT I'm at 190 lbs. i need to stop obsessin with weight but man this **** is whack

  9. Quote Originally Posted by B5150
    It is called glycogen retention. You are holding all your water/weight in your muscle tissue through super glycogen retention. Once your stop using the superdrol those properites will be gone with it.
    exactly. it kind of funny however that people think they are putting on 15lbs of muscle in 3 weeks

  10. well almost a week into PCT, waist is still smaller and I still have the 8 lbs I put on... I couldn't really imagine that much glycogen retention with such a low carbohydrate intake. I mean I'm sure that there is some, but I don't think the weight I put on was all glycogen.


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