transderm cycle

  1. transderm cycle

    I did a ONE+ cycle a couple months ago and gained a good 22, then lost about 8, mostly fat and water, but unfortunatly a little muscle too. This board is full of amzing information. I have been thinking of doing a 4 week cycle with T1-pro and nova at 10mg/day, to keep water and bloat down and also keep my libido up. then for post cycle i was going to up nova to 20mg twice a day for a month.
    how does this sound? how much (how many scwerts) of T1-pro should i use? i was using 12 twice twice a day of one+, but i know that T1-pro is wayyyyy more concentrated.
    Thanks for the info.

  2. Search around in the ph section. All your answers are there. By the way I took nothing during T-1pro and my libido was more than fine. Save it for gyno or post cycle. Late

  3. ok i feel like a jackass. I finally saw the STICKY that reads "DOSING"

  4. Nolva won't reduce water retention. It might actually increase it.

    "Most people claim they do, but I have not seen any research to support that. In fact as I mentioned to you those drugs are really SERMS: estrogenic in some tissues and antiestrogenic in others. I did a little research on the two mechanisms whereby estrogen induces water retention (increases in antidiuretic hormone, or AVP, and aldosterone) and discovered that for AVP, tamoxifen is actually an agonist, just like estrogen, so should enhance water retention by that route:

    I haven't found any studies on nolva/clomid and the renin-aldosterone system yet.

    Updated Note: Here is one showing no effect on renin and sodium excretion with tamoxifen. So the increase in AVP should lead to water retention from nolva since there is no effect on the renin-aldosterone system:

    I would say based on what I've seen of the research, you are better off sticking with an aromatase inhibitor to help fend off estrogen related bloating."

    Compliments of Nandi
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