PH for 1st timer

  1. PH for 1st timer

    I'm 34 and my freind just gave me boat load of PH
    superdrol,Mega H Mega TRN, Methyl Plex
    I have never used a Ph before which would you suggest?
    At this pt. strength is more important to me but size never hurt.

  2. Such a hard question to answer. My best advice is to get comfy here, read and read and read, and research. You'll be in the best position when you can answer your questions for yourself.

    Also, I really don't see any point in wanting to increase strength via AAS in the weight room unless it is being fueled by some purpose.

  3. they are all used for different purposes and have common sides and gains. but everyone does react different to each compound so you still wont' know what to expect till you run it. Read some logs and see the more common sides people experience and that could help you decide what sides you could live with what you couldn't some compounds make people more prone to hair loss some people are extremely wearier of that side or a loss in libidio is unacceptable side for some.

  4. Rage the strength thing is what I use to keep the focus in the gym. I want to deadlift 3 times bodyweight and bench 2 times. I have already surpassed the 3 times squat.
    At 200 lbs and 5 Ft 7 in I have squatted (below parallel)
    630lbs with a belt and knee wraps
    benched 375 (I hate to bench, probably because I suck)
    sumo dead 565 lbs (I'm actually stronger conv. but the spinal errector stress puts me down for too long)
    I know these numbers are stronger than the average guy but as the saying goes (or a version of it)..there is a 13 year girl in China warming up with your max..I know alot of people at my size are alot stronger than me!

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