Clen Transdermal

  1. Clen Transdermal

    I asked this over at FG but i thought i'd get a better response at a transdermal based site.

    Quote from Big Cat in Clen Steriod Profile:
    Another good match for clenbuterol in a stack is the plant derivative yohimbine Hcl. It does concern the standardized product yohimbine here and not the raw material yohimbe, which is useless. In small doses of 20-30 mg per day, it can stop the down-regulation of the noradrenaline feedback mechanisms, that usually inhibit the actions of noradrenaline by reducing receptor affinity. This has two important uses. The first is that the length of action of clenbuterol can be enhanced by a few hours when using it together with yohimbine Hcl (although it already has a considerable half-life time7 of 36 hours and one daily dose should suffice) , and the second is that concomitant use of yohimbine Hcl may allow clenbuterol to induce its fatburning aspects on a longer term than the normal 2-3 weeks, so it can be used for 5-6 weeks instead. Yohimbine Hcl is, at least for now still, a legal supplement that can be acquired for very little money from legal sources and supplement companies.

    Would clen powder work well mixed in well with a y-hcl transdermal or is it better taken orally? I was thinking of throwing it in with the transdermal to give it a test drive but i dunno if there is any reason why you couldn't. Would there be any difference than oral absorption?

  2. Clen works systematically not locally so I don't tihnk it would work very well. I asked this some time ago and got a resounding no. But who knows....
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  3. Damn, was hoping to offer a clen/y-hcl prod combo prod. Ah well, thanks bobo.

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