Need help keeping you steroid/gh/contest/eating schedule? check this out

  1. Need help keeping you steroid/gh/contest/eating schedule? check this out

    This program is truly my savior. i typically mess up while writing down my training and "performance enhancement" schedule and have to end up buying a few cheap calendars to keep track of things.

    sometimes i just forget or even worse, misplace my calendar. if you spend an hour meticulously planning you schedule out over a few months and writing it down on the calendar only to misplace or spill something on it...well its not a merry feeling.

    every time i turn on my computer this bad boy updates me as to what i have to do for the day. i thought id post up if others needed some help with their scheduling.

    plan everything for months, pop up notifications at 12am, and you you can see the first few words of everything for quick reference on the calendar itself.

    oh, and its free

    Desktop Calendar - A simple calendar that sits on your desktop

  2. nice link bro! Reps.

  3. Nice post Jomi.... That is very helpful!!!!

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