Basic Bloodwork of someone on ~350mg of Prop EW, cruise

  1. Basic Bloodwork of someone on ~350mg of Prop EW, cruise

    100mg EOD or sometimes 50mg ED.
    HCG 2x-3x/wk @ 250ius.

    *a bro I know. Seriously injuried his leg 8 weeks ago. you might know him too.

    though it varies per person, this is probably what you are looking at if you are taking in 250-400mg of Test EW over a period exceeding 8 weeks, with next to no physical activity or cardio.

    Cholesterol, Total: 144mg/dl (100-199) NORMAL
    Triglycerides: 63mg/dl (0-149) NORMAL
    HDL: 36mg/dl (40-59) A bit low, no big deal - considering a broken leg doesn't allow for too much cardio!
    VLDL: 13mg/dl (5-40) NORMAL
    LDL: 95mg/dl (0-99) NORMAL
    LDL/HDL Ratio: 2.6 ratio units (0.0-3.6) Outstanding

    Testosterone, Serum: 2798ng/dl (241-827) No comment.

    *again it varies per person, this is to give you an idea of what the norm will probably be looking at. Monthly bloodwork is suggested however. A gram of test (from what I've seen) takes the HDL to 20-28mg/dl. This is low, but the LDL/HDL ratio is perhaps more important. Again, this subject of this bloodwork has done minimal cardio and next to no physical activity because of an injury.

    Perhaps this information will help you plan your cycles. Stay healthy.

    edit: perhaps also significant is subject is taking 2.5mg of Finasteride ED.
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    <----- it's from a movie.

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  3. Great info man, I like to see stuff like this.

  4. posting the subjects diet would be interesting as well given the lipid ratio

  5. i love me some bloodwork results.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Skye
    posting the subjects diet would be interesting as well given the lipid ratio
    Hard to pinpoint. But I'll do my best.

    Subject was: 6-1.75 236lbs 12.6% at time of the injury
    Currently (8weeks later): 6-1.75 222lbs ~14%
    loss of ~16lbs of muscle and added fat

    Protein was kept high throughout, usually 200grams. 200grams doesn't seem 'high' but it is for a completely inactive person.

    For the first 4-5 weeks post-op the diet had a lot of saturated fat from delivery and carrot cake. Buffalo wings and chicken tenders. It probably was 2500calories but only 3 meals - he slept about 17hours a day. Was on his feet for maybe 25minutes in a 24hr period. Fiber was high. Again, options are limited when you have to order delivery and freeze most of the meals. I'd say: 2500-2800 calories, 35% fat, 200grams of protein.

    The next 3 weeks were much cleaner, since the subject could go to the store. High fiber and leaner proteins. I'd say: 2800-3200 calories, 20% fat, 250grams of protein.

    conclusion is, the diet was not horrible - but given the level inactivity the lipid numbers should have been much worse. Subject is pleased. :donut:
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  7. I think I just gave you your 2nd star on the Karma-meter.

    Good post!

  8. thanks guys, i'm a whore, yes - but i've new to this rep thing after being on an anabolic break from AM this past spring
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  9. It says I must go give someone else hugs and kisses before I can make out with you again.

    Good stuff bruh (even though you are an inept Gator...)
    Good 2003 UF-UM highlight at the beginning of this Putfile - Hester4Hesiman

  10. Good information.

    Hoenstly, nothing there really surprises me. This just adds more information that some AAS can be used safely and effectively without jeopardizing health. In regards to the cholesterol levels, I would focus on the LDL:HDL ratio above the numbers themselves and your ratio is fine.

  11. I'm surprised that more testosterone lowers good cholesterol further - unless the incremental increase in test does not bring about a similar increase (%-wise) in estrogen.

    Can someone explain that to me?

  12. I did not realize 350/wk would bring those kind of #'s. good info.

  13. Awesome info, I better spread some rep aroound to get back you LOL

  14. Nice post!

  15. thanks guys, the 'high normal' HRT guys can benefit from this little lipid snapshot too
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  16. correct you would be

  17. I know one of the reasons LDL can get raised a little is because testosterone in the body is produced for the most part from low-density cholesterol (LDL), therefore when taken exogenously it could raise levels since it is no longer needed to convert. I am sure there are a lot of other variables but this is definitely one.

    I definitely plan on running test only cycles in between my other cycles with frequent blood work. I guess the sport has gotten a hold of me .

    I am sure the fact that I will be taking Cycle Support year round would only help too.

  18. so long as you avoid orals and only run injectables - cycle support and things like red yeast rice should be effective. if you are staying between 200-400mg of just test - i have no doubt that you can clean up your lipid profile while cruising.

    trying to maintain a decent HDL while using Winny or Superdrol is not realistic though.. I've seen a lot of bros expecting Red Yeast Rice or something to that effect to keep their HDL/LDL in check while using 30mg of Superdrol.. no way.

    the best you can do when using orals is take Policosanol to maybe prevent clotting and Fish Oil just because it's good for you regardless.
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  19. Damn DEO, now you're making me want to run 500mg between cycles LOL, I never had any gyno issues with that dose either

  20. Quote Originally Posted by Iron Warrior
    Damn DEO, now you're making me want to run 500mg between cycles LOL, I never had any gyno issues with that dose either
    think to the future first.. but with injectables you are pretty safe. it's those happy little oral or designers that might spell trouble down the road if abused.

    consider that [that guy's] bloodwork was with NO CARDIO, average diet and next to no activity. Add cardio, some weights, simply being more active, maybe some more fish oil - I guarantee the HDL tops 42 on ~350mg of test.

    again this isn't true of everyone. His dad has an HDL of 84. Yes 84. No joke, he is 75 also - with a test level of 587. His LDL is about 150 though. overall genetics are on my/his side.. but honestly, in my un-study-cited trial-and-error opinion, you could run 500mg of test with a lipid friendly AI year round- and be 100% fine*. I think you should probably cycle the AI though, say 6on - 3off - something to that effect. Or perhaps no AI during cruise.

    CED59 ain't no doctor, he doesn't even work for the FDA, dismiss anything that sounds like advice immediately!

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  21. I'm about to try to run 250-375 mg Sust for 30 weeks and perhaps just stay on forever. I've done some heavy cycles and always lost most of my gains even with PCT. I've been off for a good 8 months and in my early 30's and I can just tell that my test levels aren't what they used to be. Years of alcohol abuse probably didn't help.

    I'm never did enjoy the sides from heavy cycles and even bit off more than I could chew on two cycles and wound up sick as hell. I sometimes think the doses people talk about on the boards are either bull**** or else they are getting under dosed gear.

    Being that everybody's body is different, I have decided to start extremely low with various compounds tweak depending upon my body's response. I'm sick of the up's and downs of cycling and of losing gains. I'm also sick of putting my body through hell by trying to go balls deep every cycle.

    My plan is to run 250-375 test from here on out, and once in a while try another compound (with low end dosing) while dropping my test to the lower end of that range and just rotate compounds to give my body a break. Keep an eye on blood pressure, live a healthy lifestyle, eat clean (for the most part), and get blood work done maybe once every six months or so.

    I'm not trying to win mr. olympia, I just want to enhance my health and enhance my athletic performance and appearance in a sane and sustainable way. Slow and steady.

    I tried to run a 1200 mg of test in my last cycle (obviously I was using a strong AI, aromasin if I remember correctly), and it ****ing destroyed my blood pressure in a scary ass way. 180 / 90, I **** you not. I couldn't even train and had to abort the cycle. Cycle before that I tried to run what is considered by the boards to be a "light" test prop / mast / tren A cycle and the ****ing tren completely wrecked me too.

    My BP is back down to 120 / 80 range now.

    I'm probably going to stick to test and once in a while run mast, or proviron, AI / SERM when / if needed, and I might run a very low dose of deca (think 300mg per week) in the near future and very occasionally if needed, just for the joints.

    You won't be breaking any personal bests from the cemetery. The "wisdom" from all the boards would be that your bro's dose is a waist, blah blah...those test levels are 5-8 times a normal level. Nobody can tell me that that isn't going to build muscle.
    "Discipline is just choosing between what you want NOW and what you want MOST."


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