1. Dextroamphetamine

    Sup brothas,

    My sister has a prescription for this for a sleep disorder. She also was told that it was good for burning fat.
    What is your take on this? Have any of you used this before and what were your results?
    Thanx fellas.

  2. im pretty sure that it was widely used as a fat burner unbtil the sixties, then they realized it was being abused as speed-
    thats the stuff theat alex p. keaton took when he was studying on family ties and went all crazy

  3. sleep disorder? i take it she sleeps too much? yeah, it's basically gov't issue speed. it's mainly given to kids with attention deficit disorder. it's not healthy per se, but definately a good drug to have for studying and even gym (though i wouldn't recommend cardio while on it).

    a lot of people just open the caps and snort that **** for the speed effect, so watch out... as an oral, i think it's fine since they give to kids as young as three who are hyperactive...


  4. dextroamphetamine is "speed"
    the only difference in effect in comparison to amphetamine or methamphetamine is half life in the body, or length of the high.

    the amphetamines are arguably the most addictive substances known to humans. I am sure the drug does burn fat along with muscle, one problem is that it can be damn near impossible to eat while on the drug. It is a strong anorexic (the thought of food makes you sick).

    It would be delusional to use this drug with the belief that it will help you attain a better or healthier body. If you want to use it to get high, it works well. It is possible to stay awake for days without even considering sleep or food while on it.

  5. I was on it for 6 years...stopped taking government is gonna jack me on meth.



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