Test Cyp Question

  1. Test Cyp Question

    My understanding is that, because this is a long acting ester, it will be in the body at significant levels for a good two weeks after the last injection.

    Given that, If I give myself only 8 injections (8 weeks), then, will it in effect be the same as a 10 week cycle b/c of the time the test lingers in the body?

    Also, given the above, would I not start clomid until two weeks after the last injection?


  2. Okay.. When someone mentions that they are doing a 10 week cycle, they are doing 10 weeks of injections. So yours would be an 8 week cycle. And yes, test cyp has a half life of around 12 days if I remember correctly. So that would mean you would start your clomid or nolvadex 2 weeks after the last injection for most of the test to be cleared from your system.. about half of the remaining dose.

  3. ok, thanks.

  4. Shoot twice a week, every 4 days basically. You will be happier with the results

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