New & First Cycle - Some Questions

  1. New & First Cycle - Some Questions

    Hi all. I'm new here. I'm 34 yrs old, 5' 11" and 190 lbs. and approx 10-14% body fat. I've been lifting, on and off, for 18 years and am knowledgeable about bb and nutrition. Unfortunately, I have a hectic job which keeps me from lifting as much, and as hard as I used to. Nonetheless, I'm getting it done.

    I have done a substantial amount of research on pro hormones and aas. I'm now taking the plunge on my first cycle. I have 10ml of test depo cyn. It's 200mg per ml. I took 200mg yesterday (starting slow) and plan to "ramp up" to 250 next week and for the duration of the 4 week cycle. I know this is a very light dosage, but I want to start slow and see how I feel, check out any sides, and generally monitor the situation.

    Having said that, I am curious to know if Y'all feel like I'll be able to achieve any significant growth from a cycle like this. If so, could you please provide me an estimate of the weight gain I might expect (I know everyone is different and there are many variables etc., but just want to feel Y'all out and see what you think).

    I'm not well proportioned. In fact, I have a serious set of chicken legs. This is a result of "knee problems" which keep me from training my legs as they should be. (Also, just genetically small in the leg department; but have managed to get some size and shape up top). The knee problems are the result of weak medial heads on the quads and overly tight hams and ileotibial bands, and tight quads. These problems cause my knee cap to move out of its normal groove when I do weight bearing bending. I can't do full bending squats - - a huge problem when trying to build legs. Anyhow, I do a ton of stretching and keep trying to hit the legs.

    Having said all that, I'm trying to "grow my legs" out of the knee problem. That is, if I can put some good mass on my quads and add some strength, it may go a long way towards keeping my patella from "going out." I'm hoping with the help of a few cycles I may be able to grow the legs and rid myself of this knee problem (Hey, a little mass up top wouldn't hurt either).

    Anyway, just thought I'd pass on the info on my general situation. Nice to meet Y'all and thanks for your input in advance.


  2. I feel your pain bro, had my patella pop out and back in one day while doing squats, thank God for safety bars.

    As for the AAS there are people here who could answer your question better than me but I would say since you haven't ever done a cycle your receptors are pretty clean. So the amount you're talking about one probably do you some good. Focus on legs, try building up with leg extensions to strengthen the medial heads and stretch every day. Good luck.

  3. So you're doing a test only cycle for 4 weeks at 250mg for the last 3 weeks. You've already done 200mg this week. 4 weeks is a very short cycle for test. Is that cypionate? For my experience and others, long acting test's don't kick in till around the 3rd week. The dose may not be too low for a first cycle. It depends on the individual. My first cycle was a sus250 only cycle at 500mg for the majority of the 8 weeks and I gained 30lbs. But it is a good place to start to see how your body reacts to it. Then you can plan your next cycle accroding to the results of this one. Hope this helps.

  4. Thanks for the input. I think, based on the advice/responses I've received on this and other boards, I'm going to bump it up to 8 weeks. I need to procure more product!

  5. Wayyy to low a dosage. I suggest a minimum of 500mg/week for 8 weeks. Eat heavy, lift heavy, and grow



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