SD... completely gone?

  1. SD... completely gone?

    Is superdrol officially gone ?
    P.S. - Herold, I've been trying to get a hold of you man, write me.

  2. No asking for sources King.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Jayhawkk
    No asking for sources King.
    Sorry, is it officially banned? I haven't been keeping track, someone said it was still for sale till Sunday. Our government really needs to start worrying about better things than simple sports supplements that don't even concern them.

  4. i know it along with alot of the other new pro steroids are no longer "authorized for sale" in Canada... im not sure if that is the same as being banned or not.

    Health Canada advises consumers not to use unauthorized products containing anabolic steroids

  5. Its not quite banned yet, but under the new rules of board, you can not ask where to get PHs or designer steriods, even they are not banned.

  6. superdrol and M1T are the only 2 that are officially banned

    well maybe not officially, look for yourself
    FDA Warns Manufacturers About Illegal Steroid Products Sold as Dietary Supplements

  7. According to FDA - as Basso posted link - it is illegal to manufacture and distribute superdrol and m1t. You can still possess it. FDA has concluded it is a drug and not a dietary supplement. Anything classified as a drug falls under FDA regulations - which means an NDA (new drug application) would have to be filed for approval. That involves many safety,toxicity and clinical trials at the cost of many millions and 5-10 yrs of time. IF superdrol and m1t became scheduled, then it would be illegal to possess. That is up to congress.

  8. FDA does have some power, but officially it is not banned. you can still find smaller companies producing the same chemical compound. just do a search in yahoo for the chemical name. juggernaut nutrition, physical enhancement industries, and bioscience technology are a few of these companies.

    from what someone said, the FDA has control over nationwide distributions, not state. so say company "X" has a compound, they sell it to an internet supplement store who is in-state ... then they sell it nationwide...could the FDA not touch them pretty clever idea, dont know if its true, but im sure the FDA has enough pull to stop any company from making a supplement - as seen with AX and superdrol.

    your best bet is to stock up on a few bottles of your favorite, keep refridged, or in a cool dark place


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