6oxo during cycle?

  1. 6oxo during cycle?

    I talked with a guy from a gym i used ot work out at and he said ot take 6oxo durning the cycle then stock the 1 test and 4ad and cont the oxo for 3 more weeks. anyone ever head of that?. he also said there was no need for nolva. I was going to take it reguardless but just thought it was strange for someone that builds some of the best body builders in texas to say no need for nolva.

  2. while on cycle, dont use the 6-oxo. just use ur 1test and 4ad until the last day of ur cycle. and only take the 6OXO for post cycle..
    remember, estrogen leads to more gains-- theres no reason to use an anti-e as long as u arent experiencing any gyno.

    if gyno is starting or visible, THEN use the Nolva until its gone.

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