Spironolactone 2% application ?

  1. Question Spironolactone 2% application ?

    i did a search for this but still no answers.

    i purchased a bottle of Spironolactone 2% topical solution for my hair while on androgens. i need to know when i should apply it.

    i do know to apply it 2x a day(am,pm), and dosage, but need to know if its to be used after my shower, or when its dry.

    i have rather thick hair, but short, still tho i used more than the reg. dose cuz i couldnt spread it all around( when it was dry).

    but if i did it when its wet, and if it got in my eye, itd prob. burn like a mofo.

    could someone with some experience with this help a brother out?


  2. Check out fitnessgeared.com in the hair forum. Tons of info about it there.

  3. My brother bought some, there are no instructions on the bottle. I e-mailed nizoralman, he said 2 droppers twice a day.

  4. I ordered the hairsavers pack, should be in tomorrow from nizman.

  5. hey thx guys



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