swelling, no redness?

  1. swelling, no redness?

    very simply, my friend, left glute but shot the upper inside, not the upper outside. It was 1-t cyp (homebrew) 4.5%BA 40%bb), one CC, felt a little electicity when going in, asperated, bleed a little on the way out. That was sat 7/12, pain has gotten worse, swelling has grown and moved from upper inside glute to the upper outside and seems to be going down to lower outside glute. Swelling has picked up more today. He feels hot but has no thermometer, getting amoxicillin (875mg) in the hour.

    Thoughts, comments?

  2. Hit a nerve on the way in and it has infected and is getting bigger and should go to a damn doctor!

  3. diagnosed as cellulitis, Keflex 500mg qid

  4. eww, hope it gets bette. Glad you got it checked out.

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