Winstrol tabs, how many a day?

  1. Winstrol tabs, how many a day?

    Any help you guys could give would be great. My brother is 6'2" and 228lbs and around 16-18% BF. He is currently dieting right now and will not start taking anything until he is around 12-13% BF. He wants to take Winstrol to gain a little vascularity and get harder. He is going to stack with another AS so that is not the question. The reccomended dosage for Winny pills is around 25-35mg a day. Will this be enough for someone his size? He has 250 5mg tabs. Thanks for your help.

  2. How old is he?

  3. 25 and has been working out for 7 years hard

  4. I use 50mg.
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  5. I was going to say 50mg/day is probably the average. I would go with that.



  6. 50/day. I have gone as high as 100/day but really didnt see much extra because of it

  7. 10 tabs ed (ie 50mg ed as stated). However 25 days worth of winny is not effective so tell him to get more.


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