How long will these last me?

  1. How long will these last me?

    I picked up a 2 bottles of Methyl Test and 3 Mega Trn. How many cycles will I be able to get if I weigh 260? I am wondering if I should pick up a few more bottles to stash while they area still available.

  2. OK bare with me. Mega Trn is X mass now right? And Methyl Test is basically SD right?

  3. I thought one was a methyl oral version of trenbolone, the other a test? They are 2mg not 10mg like superdrol.

  4. It depends on dosing, now did you get methyl test or methyl 1-test? If it's methyltest then your going to get a big boost in aggression, also an anti-e is a MUST.

  5. methyl test
    I have nolva and rebound, I am finishing a cycle of methyl masterdrol so it will be a little while until the test trn cycle

  6. Just so you know, the TRN is no where near what real tren is.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by idunk42
    Just so you know, the TRN is no where near what real tren is.
    I was toying with the idea of finaplix in a transdermal instead. What about that along with a trans test cycle? Would that be better?

  8. If your gonna make fina pellets into a transdermal, its going to be very expensive and probably somewhat difficult. Injectables would be a lot better option.

  9. I agree with idunk on this, tren+test is an awesome stack. If you must make a transdermal though make sure you use the powdered hormone.

    Also idunk i take it you've used TRN, how was it?

  10. Im using it right now, and havent seen much of anything. Im at 6mg right now, and have only seen some minimal strength gains.

  11. But OHHHHHH no it's too powerful to go past 9mg, LOL. That's funny, ya i'll stick to the tried and true thanx.

  12. Oh, dont worry, im using some test with it.

    The only reason I tried it out, is because its very mild as far as sides go.

  13. The ALRI Methoxy-TRN or Generic Labz equivalen MTRN are hands down without a doubt my favorite oral supplement. The ALRI version is 1.5mg/cap and the GL MTRN is 2mg/cap. Otherwise, there is no difference (tried them both now). I've used a quite a few different orals over time, and MTRN treats me very well, gives me EXCELLENT gains, gives me the alpha-male attitude, and makes my libido soar among other things.

    I've run an MTRN/MTST cycle and did VERY well on it with absolutely no sides at 6mg of each/day. Some say the MTRN is incredibly tough to handle due to sides, mainly elevated BP right away when starting it. I, however, have been lucky, with no sides whatsoever.

    The MTST and MTRN is a great stack for some. It all depends upon how your body reacts to the MTRN, in my opinion. Start it at 4mg of each/day and tread lightly, as many have bad sides using it at 6mg/day.


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