Getting Serious with this.. need advice

  1. Thumbs up Getting Serious with this.. need advice

    I'm currently in the middle of my cutting cycle (Mega-Zol, Hydroxycut Hardcore, Gaspari's Thyrotabs) and I'm stocking up on whatever isn't banned so far for my bulking cycle that I'm going to start in the fall. I recently purchased AX's Ergo Max and I'm undecided about what else to stack:good: it with. I am debating Oxodrol-12, Promagon-25, MethAndrol-50, Trenadrol or going out on the limb and getting my hands on Phera-plex or superdrol. Ofcourse I'm going to be taking my BCAA's, Weight Gainer + Cassien/Whey, and Creatine (mostlikely Creakic). I also will be taking Vitrix to maintain my natural test levels and will plan on taking a good PCT. I plan on consumming about 3000-3500 cals per day with an intense workout and cardio plan. Can anyone push me in the right direction. Any advice would be awesome. I know PP and superdrol are insane but unlike many I know my **** and have done the research and I'm a little weary of the sides of PP and SD

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