Your expierence with Clen: Good, Bad, or Otherwise...

  1. Your expierence with Clen: Good, Bad, or Otherwise...

    I am doing some research on Clen and want to hear from those that have used it please!

    Did it work for you?

    Did you get the shakes?

    If you did "shake" did potassium help?

    Can you relate your expierence to that of Caffiene and Ephedra??

    Thanks for any input.

  2. Im on it now--trying to drop some bf

    The first three days on were rough-
    shakes, a little dizzy small headache in the back of my neck and some cramps

    by day 4 they started to subside--that noght i decided to get some potassium --seems to have limited the sides--no i get only minor weird cramps near my rib cage. I ve been taking taurine too since i heard it gets depleted in you liver from clen

    anything else --ask away

  3. I've used clen twice a few years ago. Once by itself and then with T-3. By itself was ok. Got the shakes at first then it seemed to go away. Didn't get rid of the fat any faster than when I use Ripped fuel or Xenedrine. Then when I used it with T-3 I lost strength fast. And the heart palpatations didn't feel good either. I didn't notice any anabolic effect let alone any catabolic effect from using it. Overall I would rate it lower than an ECA stack.

  4. Makes me shake pretty bad... no shakes from ECA however, just a weird feeling in my head...I think people call it head fog ...

  5. yep i liked clen just got off a cycle not to long ago,
    i only stayed at 100mcg because when i went past that i would get bleeding nose.

  6. used it years ago, made me cranky, and, hands shook so bad couldn't write.

  7. Thanks for the feedback.

  8. wow this clen stuff really sounds great.

  9. Originally posted by mc1
    wow this clen stuff really sounds great.
    For 2 weeks, then it gets dicey.

  10. I'm very clen sensitive.. I get the shakes when I pop 2 of the 40mcgs ones.. But if I spread them throughout the day it isn't so bad.. I would say tolerable.. if I had to choose a word..
    But this is coming from a guy that has little to no caffiene in my diet.. No coffee, no Ice tea.. nada..
    I guess I'm just not use to it..
    Between that and the t3, I was just a little irritable

  11. it didnt do **** for me unless i used it with t3 , am on 200 mcg clen right now , got used to the shakes, but yes they are there and potassium tabs dont do anything for me , taurine and electrolyte drinks are working well though .
    honestly , ephedrine +caffine +yohimbine + t3 way better than clen +t3 .
    and basskiller , very nice to see u here bro .

  12. Thanks Ray...

  13. I use clen alot. I have never had problems except minor cramping and some shaking. Shaking can be controlled by learning your limits. some people resond well to 100mcg where other need more so you need to find your threshold. personally, i can get up to 160mcg w/o problems.
    For me it does aid in fat loss, but i do get tired more so by the end of the day when on clen.

  14. BUMP on everything size said. I react exactly the same. Shakes and some cramping and fatique at the end of the day.
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