Pain In Injection Site

  1. kikazz
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    Pain In Injection Site

    On my third shot of Winstrol taking eod 1\2 cc for starters I getting pain in the site area and a knot what can I do to resolve this problem


  2. Rotate sites. Don't keep shooting in the same area each time

  3. kikazz
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    both sides are like this left side is just bigger

  4. I think some posting saying you can mix it with b12 and it would take some pain away. I know it was mix it with something if b12's not it I'm sorry I forgot name. But its pretty common to have pain in pinn site. I only say this cuz I keep reading posts on it lol.
  5. tattoopierced1
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    warm and massage the injection site after the shot.. you might want to warm the gear too before injecting..that will also help.

  6. kikazz
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    thaxs tat will try thrusday to see how it works

  7. What you weren't doing that already? Is this your first cycle? If so keep asking questions this board will help big time. You could also use the search button up top. Post before and after pix when your done with your cycle.
  8. kikazz
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    no Ive done some test cyc cycle but I have never warm the area Ive alway change side. This is the first time useing winstrol

  9. you winstrol is water based correct. One of the reasons I did not say to warm the site is that is usually done with an oil based product to lesson the viscocity(spelling ?) of the oil and help is disipate quicker. If it is water based like test suspension than you could add in some bacterosic water. again don't know if i;m spelling right. the heating does work for an oil based product though like tat said i put all my oil based vials in a hot water bath before drawing into the syringe

  10. What mg is your winny?? Are you just using winny without test??? Most use 50 mg Ed or EOD at least. Remember winny has a very short active life of only 8 hours so IMO winny is best when used ED. You probably will want to use more injection sites than just glutes. Most hit one site once per week as a rule of thumb so you dont build up scar tissue. You can check this site for more injection site options Also whats you PCT look like???

  11. You could just drink the Winny. It is methylated. Really no need to inject IMO.
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