heart hypertropy and cardio

  1. heart hypertropy and cardio

    It is said that anabolic steroid increases heart hypertropy.

    So does doing cardio when you are on juice worsen the situation? Since the heart is working harder?

  2. the possibility of hypertrophy (still in the air) and its effects (yet unproven) are probably not worth overlooking cardio because of its health benifits. cardio is a GREAT addition because it makes your heart more efficient (works less hard the rest of the day when you're not training) by getting stronger and pumping more blood per contraction and conditioning your cells of oxygen uptake so your blood needs to be circulated less, reducing the number of beats your heart needs to provide the necessary amount of oxygen and nutrients to your tissues.

  3. Cardio should *absolutely* be done, especially on a cycle. Try adding 20lbs of mass to your frame and not doing any cardio, then go run a couple miles.

    No cardio is bad for you! Adequate cardio is essential.


  4. Nicely put Vrunga.

  5. I think everyone should do a minimum 3x 20 minutes a week. Being a hardgainer doesn't mean you should neglect your health.
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  6. I'll be doing at absolute minimum 3x30min/week for the rest of my life. These days I'm doing 45-60min 4-5 times per week. Definitely essential. Plus, if you're bulking, cardio should stimulate your apetite.

  7. Nice to hear I can still do my cardio! I don't want to look just fit, I want to be real fit!

    Cardio is a must imo, i'm just worried about the hypertrophy part

  8. I do interval sprints,and they can be as intense as training.GOTTA HAVE MUSIC,or running/cardio of any kind sucks.Training too.


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